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Weird & Wonderful

Dear Nita,

Sometimes being weird isn't wonderful. It's downright lonely.

I need some encouraging words please!

Weirdo Winnefred

Nacho (good mood day)

Winnefred, I too am a fish out of water a lot of the time. In my shades I'm comfortable, without them I'm not. Being with Nita makes me feel completely chilled and normal. Hope you find that friend eventually.


Hi Winnefred,

Nacho's spot on for once. Finding that mutual weirdo friend rocks. Meanwhile, if you're feeling

lonely, I hope this helps.

A couple of months ago I was in LA, and I rocked on up to Largo @ The Coronet where the inimitable Megan Stalter was performing. What a hoot! I'd seen Megan on the HBO Max Hacks series and thought she was special. She's OUTRAGEOUS live! Such a boost when you're off the spectrum sometimes like me LOL. You're not alone!

'Stop looking for confirmation you

don’t belong coz you’ll always find it.

Your self-worth is carried in

your wild parts.'

Brene Brown

So, I was in the third row, aisle seat, in my favourite red coat and blue jeans. Megan spotted the coat and hassled me a couple of times in her totally quirky confrontational purebred funny way. I so wanted to up the banter but to be frank, it was her show, and I was turd scared to look like a female dickhead with a stupid response. Any regrets? Sure, wish I'd been brave actually.

She had the crowd raucously responding to pretty much everything she did. Instead of starting on stage we hear some random song she's singing blaring and Megan's at the back of Largo Theatre hassling all those coming in late. She was kind to me. She called me 'the woman with the nice voice'. Phew.

'Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage'

Brene Brown

If you're feeling even faintly intimidated by the many pedestrian people around you, project yourself into an LA creative vibe setting and I promise, you'll be just one of the creatives enjoying mostly clear blue skies. Stars like Megan get there because of dogged slog and doing what they do best and easiest. Megan went on Twitter and TikTok with rapid clip short character sketches during the pandemic and later said,

‘…and it was really scary

and sad for me.

I was just trying to stay afloat. I was just trying to not lose my mind’

She never imagined she'd be catapulted to fame after her online success and ended up in the Hacks series with two other female comedians, Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder. She literally went from You Tube to HOLLYWOOD!

'If you limit yourself only to what seems possible or reasonable,

you disconnect yourself from what you truly want,

and all that is left is compromise’

Anais Nin

Megan Stalter is the BRAVE version of us. She says what we often think but dare not speak.

Most of all I love the vulnerability. How can you not be vulnerable when you're saying stuff

that's supposed to, but may not, make people laugh.

'The more things you do the more things you can do..

‘I’m not funny, what I am is brave’.

Lucille Ball-comedian

Weird is brave. Weird is just beautiful.

If you doubt your ability to be normal, think of Megan and smile. You're one of the fortunate ones who CAN be weird in public. Many others are just as weird but in private!

Ode to The Weird I say. Now that's an idea....

You're going to be okay Winnefred. You're already okay exactly how you are.

Nita :)

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