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Suzanne Andrews

Hi there,

Nita suggested I have my own cozy corner for creator 'time out' time :)


Here's my life in a nutshell. I hope it will encourage you to write to me as your trusted Agony Aunt on a Pinky and to check out my books and cards.

Right now, I'm catching up with family and friends in LA and about to start my first book tour in New Zealand! After a decade in Hong Kong, I'm up for my next journey with Nita and her world! Life is vastly different to how it was in Dunedin, New Zealand, all those years ago.

For those of you who read my full story in FINDING NITA above, here's what happened after I was orphaned. I lived with four different families then set off for USA for a year as an AFS student at age 17. I got the travel bug. I returned to New Zealand, started university, was married at age 20 and mother to three at age 25. I'd travel again later…

Dunedin, NZ


Otago Uni Student NZ

Prepped and ready with a BA and Teaching Diploma, I ventured off into High School teaching and loved it. Then after a 21 year marriage it was time to move my life in a different direction. I spent six years in different roles: sales, off-shore recruitment, a magazine start-up and teaching my own confident communication courses to pre-teens and adults. The highlight of that time was managing a Life Skills programme for three years. It was an educational charity and I had 16 staff in 12 schools in South Auckland, New Zealand, teaching children how to deal with bullying as well as aiming high and building their self-esteem.

Always loving group dynamics and that feeling of family, organising singles events with at least one marriage as a result was a delight! And I loved writing speeches for people, also delivering a few of my own.  FUN!

At the tender age of 47 I became a fitness instructor. I still run each day, hike and do all kinds of random exercises on park benches. Any bench will do.

Sunset Peak HK.jpeg

Sunset Peak, HK

Travel turned out to be a passion. I left NZ at age 50, divorced, with two suitcases, no husband and no money, I had a plan to explore and save. Brunei was the first 2 year stint, then the dazzling Hong Kong for almost a decade. What a blast!


Mui Wo HK


In Hong kong I was so happy to meet writers, editors, artists and publishers in my role as President of the Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society,  I owe my newbie author career to editor Carol Dyer, author Sarah Brennan, and other fabulous women in this society who really inspired me.


HK Women in PUblishing Society's Annual Anthology

One of my very happy places includes a weekly off-shore Nanny Zan reading date with my adorable grandkids, I enjoy the books just as much as the kids, especially ones by Mo Willems and Dawn McMillan.


My best education has been that as a lifetime learner and observer, a believer in things working out. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 12.13.24

Nanny Zan time

Golden Beach, HK

Nita's World is the result of many years of my gravitation to motivational books and self-help material. I have many  journals, jottings, quotes and notes.  It's been a lifelong project.. I ended up writing my own quotes too which I hope you enjoy in my tiny books. 

miss m 4.jpg
Celia Claase.jpg

Celia Claase

Suzanne Harrison.jpg

Suzanne Harrison

Lindsay Varty

I started my podcast Tell Me Your Story and will revisit this in due course, Can't wait to introduce you to women with really cool vibes and gems to share like these 3 authors here.

There are speeches, eulogies, poems and stories I've written, to be uploaded here too. I hope you pick up some tips for presentations and writing of your own. . Enjoy the ride .:)

2006 Motivational Calendar 

Okay, we're almost ready! Background check done; motive established.!

I write for you and other women in the belief that you will be comforted, educated and inspired to overcome self-doubt and challenges as I have. Those challenges come in different forms at no certain times. 

I am here to support you, motivate you and learn from you. Thank you for joining Pinky and me for the ride!

Suzanne x

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